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Vladimir Putin's Dreams and A.I.'s Evolving Guardrails and Biases

A Global Hub for Weird Sounds from Underwater Life - Posts I've Loved Most

Exploring the Spread of Artificial Intelligence, from Climate Models to Christmas Jingles

Exploring the Spread of Artificial Intelligence, from Climate Models to Christmas Jingles

What To Think About the Anthropocene Debate - from an Insider

Your Notes and Mine on the White House Electrify America Plan

Handling Headlines That Seem Too Good to Be True - Whether on Morality Police or Climate Collapse

Podcast - How to Use Twitter Without Being Abused by it Even as Elon Musk Roils Online Discourse

How to Use Twitter Without Being Abused by it Even as Elon Musk Roils Online Discourse

When Reporting Gives Way to Singing

Can There Be Passion and Detachment in Environmental Journalism?

Message to Musk: The Side of Twitter That Can Save Lives in Weather Emergencies Also Makes Money

Meet the Twitter Engineer Who Boosted the Platform's Life-Saving Value in Weather Emergencies

Why is this happening? 30 years of climate change reporting summarized in 60 minutes with Chris Hayes

Lex Fridman, Bjorn Lomborg and Me

Why a Twitter Implosion Could be a Disaster in Disasters

Sustain What Podcast👂🏼- For Population Impact, Pay Less Attention to 8 Billion and more to 1.3 Billion (15-24-year olds)

As the Human Population Tops 8 Billion, a Look Beyond Bomb📈 and Crash 📉 Panic Proclamations

Amid the Noise, Make the Most of Twitter by Using it - Not Being Used By It

LIVE - Fielding Your Questions About COP27 and International Climate and Energy [In]Action

All Hail Elon Musk - the Greatest Spur to Social Media Innovation Ever?

Despite Musk, There's Still No Place Like Twitter for Building Sustainability Solutions

A Climate Prankster, a Mayhem Funder and Sociologists Debate the Role of In-Your-Face Activism

Amid Protest Debates, Researchers Have Yet to Measure the Climate Impact of Climate Activism (Which Doesn't Mean it's All Bad)

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A Veteran Florida Hurricane Reporter Suggests All Newcomers Get a New Kind of Welcome Guide

An Amazon and Indigenous Warning Sign in the 'Bolsonaro Bounce' in Brazil's Financial Markets

Grappling with Catastrophe After the Tsunami-Like Surge from Category-4 Hurricane Ian Meets Fast-Growing Florida

Celebrate One Small Step for Planetary Sustainability in NASA's First Physical Test of an Asteroid Deflection Method

So Long, Sleepy Hurricane Season: Ian Targets Florida as Nova Scotia Dries Out After its "Tropical" Hit

With Billions of Dollars to Invest in Clean Energy and Resilience, Here's the New Climate Communication Challenge

A Healthier Pet Trade Could Prevent a Looming American Amphibian Apocalypse

As Flying Rebounds, Here's the Plane-Free Case for Making a Difference Close to Home and Online

My Journey From Platinum Pride to Happily Less-Frequent Flier

Election Worries - Bolsonaro Could Burn Brazil's Democracy Along with Amazon Forests

How to Make A Difference Amid Extreme Floods and Droughts on a Human-Heated Planet

When Climate Action Meets Energy Friction: Why Permitting Reform is Easier Sought than Done

After a Weirdly Quiet First Half, the Atlantic Hurricane Season is in High Gear

As the First Grain Shipped from Ukraine Weirdly Ends up in Russia-Allied Syria, Wheat Finally Heads to Hungry Africans

A Huge Win for Reality-Based Climate and Energy Progress, But Permitting-Reform Fights Loom

Analysis: China's Climate Cutoff Over Pelosi's Taiwan Visit is Convenient Given its Coal Surge

How You Can Help as Ukraine's Traumatized Children Face the "Back to School" Season on the Run

After Russia Turned a Breadbasket into a Battleground, a First Shipment of "Corn and Hope" Leaves Ukraine

The Only U.S. Path to Climate Progress is Manchin's "Two-Path" Energy Win - Boosting Renewables and, Yes, Oil and Gas is Great, But Where's

It's Essential to Act on Climate Emergencies Unfolding on a Heating, Flooding, Fiery Planet but a Mistake for Biden to Declare One

As Global Warming Fuels More Heat Emergencies, Cut Vulnerability Now and CO₂ Always

The Webb Telescope's Faraway Revelations and Earth's Here-and-Now Challenges

Breezy Emergency Agency Video Host: "So There's Just Been a Nuclear Attack..."

My Suggestion for "Climate Emergency" Absolutists: Open One Lane

A Deadly Mix From Italy to India and Beyond: Extreme Heat and High Ice

Hot Combination: Legislative Blockade, Presidential Climate Push, Supreme Court Red Shift

A Hidden Ocean Conservation Opportunity - Helping People Worldwide Learn to Swim

The Record Size of the Giant Mekong Stingray is Just Part of this Stunning Fish Story

Another Reason to Cherish the Home Planet - Rainbows are Rare Elsewhere

A Murder Confession in the Amazon Means Little Without Big Changes in Brazil’s Relationship With Rain Forest Guardians

Heat, Storm, Drought, Fire - Prolonged Climate Extremes as Cool La Niña Pacific Pattern Persists

Facing Energy, Water & Climate Crises, Conservation is Still Too Often an Unmentionable "C" Word

Sustainability Watchwords: "Developing, Developed, Undeveloped"

A Shortage of Small Caskets

To Improve Climate and Food Futures, We Need More Awards and Rewards for Connection Makers

Meet Global Press - Filling Global News Gaps from the Ground Up With Female Reporters

Can Innovative Imagery Overcome Big-Number Numbness Stalling Action on Covid and Climate?

Yes, We Need to Talk About the Unstoppable UFO Narrative

Watchwords in Climate and Sustainability Debates - Who is "We"?

Behind Hot Headlines: Whiplash Weather, Climate Collapse, Methane Solutions

Enough About Elon and X - Here's How You Can "Own" Twitter

Beyond Earth Days - From Justice Songs to Eel Revivals, Myriad Paths to Planetary Progress Today and Every Day

New Heat Rises Around the Unsolved Cold War Disappearance of a Top Russian Climate Scientist

How Congress Can Get Past Posturing as Energy and Climate Crises Collide

Vital Lessons for Conservation Hide Behind the "Extant-Extinct" Ivory-Billed Woodpecker Debate

Biologists Challenge Federal Conclusion that the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker is Extinct

Amid Spreading Clouds, Chomsky Still Sees Hope, but Mingled With Mystery

Why Flotillas of U.S. LNG or Heat Pumps Can't Rescue Europe from Its Putin-Driven Gas Crisis

As a New U.N. Climate Report Gauges [In]Action on Global Warming, Authors Call for Changes in Focus

Paths From Classrooms to Climate Impact Include Taking a Field Trip to the Boiler Room

How Agencies and Communities Facing Wildfire and Other Climate-Linked Hazards Can Collaborate to Cut Risk Now

U.N. Pushes to Cut Worldwide Vulnerability to Climate Extremes Through Better Early Warnings

Food Worries Widen as Russia's Ukraine Invasion Turns a Global Breadbasket into a Battleground

As Russian Attacks on Civilians Mount, a Look at Pathways Toward, and Away from, Atrocity

All Hail American Unity Over Banning Russian Oil - Until Summer Driving Season and Midterm Politics

Putin's Ukraine Escalation Prompts Fresh Urgency on "Nuclear Winter" and U.S. Nuclear Posture

As Western Pressure Builds, Putin's Nuclear Threat is Easy to Overplay or Write Off, But Can't be Ignored

As Harms Mount, U.N. Climate Panel Says Nations Must Boost Resilience of Vulnerable Communities Even as They Cut Heating Gases

Putin and Global Risk - Tactics for Constraining Catastrophe When a Superpower Goes Rogue

A Predicted Foot of Sea Rise by 2050 Spurs Fresh Efforts to Connect Changes in Ice Sheets with Action on Main Street

Before the Underwater Human Din Drowns them Out, Scientists, and Citizens, are Collecting Sounds of the Living Sea

How a Two-Century Megadrought Gap Set the West up for its Water and Climate Crisis

The U.S. Uses a Trade Pact to Press Mexico to Save the Vaquita Porpoise from Deadly Nets. Now Where's China?

Vivid Views of the Immoral COVID-19 Vaccination Gap that is Guaranteed to Prolong the Pandemic

Meet a Photographer Going to the Ends of the Earth to Make Images Matter

Study Boosts Tree Species Count to 73,000 and Finds Hot Spots Where 9,000 More Species Await Discovery - if Forests Are Conserved

The Household Infrastructure Challenge - Retrofitting Millions of American Homes to Save Energy, Money and CO₂

Solo quedan siete marsopas vaquitas marinas en la Tierra, y México es cómplice de su extinción al permitir una ola de redes

Putin's War Nudges the Global Risk "Doomsday Clock" Closer to Midnight

A Tonga Eruption and Tsunami Show We Live on a Connected Planet in a Constant State of Creation, Destruction and Risk

After Reporting on Global Warming from the Burning Amazon to the Thawing North Pole, I Discovered the Scariest Science...

A Jaguar's "Laugh" and a Magical Rain Forest Memory

When Wildfire Comes to Town – Amid the Marshall Fire’s Urban Ashes, Hints of a Less Combustible Future

Building Forward Safer Where Communities Grow Into Wildfire Danger Zones

When Crises Collide - Strategies for Resilience Amid Confounding Threats, from Viruses to Firestorms