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Sustain What Podcast👂🏼- For Population Impact, Pay Less Attention to 8 Billion and more to 1.3 Billion (15-24-year olds)

Sustain What Podcast👂🏼- For Population Impact, Pay Less Attention to 8 Billion and more to 1.3 Billion (15-24-year olds)

My Columbia Climate School conversation with experts and practitioners about how global futures depend on the quality of girls' lives today.

This is the audio version of my Columbia Climate School Sustain What discussion of the world beyond 8 billion - focused on what factors in play today will determine the quality and quantity of human lives and the environment in the decades to come.

Read the text post here: As the Human Population Tops 8 Billion, a Look Beyond Bomb📈 and Crash 📉 Panic Proclamations.

Sift a rough transcript on Trint. If you become a financial supporter, you can help me hire an assistant to help with some of the production work.

The conversation centers on issues and options related to humanity topping the 8 billion mark in its developmental journey, as calculated by the United Nations. My guests dig in on the vital need to improve the prospects for girls, young women and migrants to shape more sustainable environmental and societal outcomes later in the century.


Joe Chamie, a consulting demographer who is a former director of the United Nations Population Division and author of numerous publications on population issues, including his recent book, "Births, Deaths, Migrations and Other Important Population Matters." Read his Inter Press columns here, including his look at the 8 billion threshold and unsubstantiated forecasts of calamitous population implosion.

Céline Delacroix, director of the project of the Population Institute and adjunct professor at the University of Ottawa’s School of Health Sciences.

Charles Kabiswa, executive director of Regenerate Africa, a nonprofit organization working to rebuild deteriorated social, ecological, health and economic systems to benefit people, nature and the climate across Africa.

Terry McGovern, professor and chair of the Heilbrunn Department of Population and Family Health and the director of the Program on Global Health Justice and Governance at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health.

Kathleen Mogelgaard, President and CEO of the Population Institute, an international non-profit organization that seeks to promote universal access to family planning information, education, and services. Read her recent opinion piece with William Ryerson in The Hill.

I’m posting some related thoughts in a separate dispatch and will add the link here.

I’m still eager to gauge how many of you prefer audio content to written output - and how best to integrate all of that in Sustain What. Please let me know what you do, and don’t want.

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Sustain What
Sustain What?
Sustain What? is a series of conversations, seeking solutions where complexity and consequence collide on the sustainability frontier. This program contains audio highlights from hundreds of video webcasts hosted by Andy Revkin, founder of the Columbia Climate School’s Initiative for Communication and Sustainability. Dale Willman is the associate director of the initiative. Revkin and Willman believe sustainability has no meaning on its own. The first step toward success is to ask: Sustain what? How? And for whom?