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A Reminder that the Great Clamorous Climate Debate is Swamped by Real Life

One Path to Traction for People Paralyzed by the Climate "Scale Monster"

Study: Sweetening climate policies with add-ons designed to engage liberals or conservatives can kick back

Wake Me Up, Martha - A Song Seeking Sanity Offline

How a key driver of human thriving, so far, may have set H. sapiens up for failure at planetary scale

Why Recent Chart-Busting Heat Spikes are Such an Unnerving Surprise to Climate Scientists

Why crypto is not like an aluminum smelter

Don't Tell Anybody, But Beneath the Surface Scum of X, the Unparalleled Utility of Twitter Lives On

Amazon Career Track? Confessed Assassin, 1990, Rising Local Right-Wing Leader 2024

Meet the Journalist Who Revealed a Rancher’s Journey from Amazon Assassin to Rural Right- Wing Politician

Splashy Climate Protests Get Attention, But What About Impact?

Hannah Ritchie Bravely Offers Up Data Amid a Maelstrom of Climate and Sustainability Assertions

As Winter Melts Away

Many people don't know that nuclear power is low-carbon

Here lies the internet, murdered by generative AI

New York's Eagle Owl "Flaco" Embraced Freedom, but in an Environment Full of Man-Made Perils

How Imagery Can Spur Clean-Energy Progress

Nuclear? Perhaps!

The Melanesian Magic of Women's Water Music

How fig trees could revolutionize reforestation and tourism in Borneo

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Global Tropical Cyclones

How will we build with wood in a future neighbourhood?

A Growing Antarctic Fishery for Tiny Krill Could Reverse the Recovery of Great Whales

Exploring Disasters, Climate, the Media and More with an Expert "Who Must Not Be Named"

Sorry, Doomers: Hannah Ritchie says it's Not the End of the World

Substack says it will remove Nazi publications from the platform

18 years crocheting coral reefs

Republican states are going strong on solar and wind, but not for the climate

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