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When the Climate Was Perfect

Holiday Tour Day 25: Sustain What and Fruition

My White Christmas at the South Pole

With a New Year Nigh, a Thread Seeking Your Climate and Sustainability Questions and Sustain What Ideas

An Anthropocene Check-in with an Eco-Focused Actor, a Poet and a Good News Blogger

‘The Kids Are All Right...’

The Rich vs. the Rest

How Technology and Ingenuity Enabled a Giant Squid Quest

A Corrupted COP

Merchants of Despair

A Pitch For Coexistence and for Google Maps to Add a Native Lands Layer

Cory Doctorow on Distributed Paths to Climate Progress and Sane Social Media

The Weekly Anthropocene: November 8 2023

When Carbon Cash Comes to Campus

Food Without Farms? Yes if You Also Want to Spare Land for Nature and Limit Warming

Don't Be Distracted by the Latest Tussle Between Mainstreamers and Edge Pushers in Climate Science and Policy

A Great Day to Shake Out Your Community's Vulnerabilities

Why Wikipedia works, even for climate

A Reminder that Israelis and Palestinians Can Forge Paths to Peace

As Philippe Heads North, Recalling the Submarine that Sank our Sailboat in a 1960 New England Hurricane

Don't Fall into the Binary Emissions vs. Adaptation Trap Facing Climate Change

Pine Tree Power

Trends in U.S. Tornado Damage and Incidence

My TED Talk is now live

“I think it basically degrades the institution”

My Climate Reporting Journey, Examined

On Hurricane Models, Realities and Responses

Are Scientific Journals Biased?

A Gripping New Film Charts a Death-Defying Scientist's Half Century Quest to Study and Save High-Mountain Ice

A New Frame for This Moment on Earth - From Crash-and-Burn to Bypassed Bottleneck

Why public engagement is so important for advanced science and technology

Far too Soon, a Son of a Son of a Sailor Crosses the Far Horizon

The coup and U

Idalia Provides a Fresh View of Florida's Bumpy Hurricane Learning Curve

Cherishing Perfect and Imperfect Days

Lessons for Everyone from Hawaii's Lahaina Firestorm Tragedy

Puberty on the Scale of a Planet

Spare a thought for those living “the hot life”


Climate change is death by a thousand cuts

Global Weather and Climate Disasters 1H 2023

Waste Not... From the Laundry to the Computer Graveyard

Coast Dwellers Grapple with Sharing Beaches With Great White Sharks

Kris Kristofferson's Stark 2009 Ode to 'Sister' Sinéad, and a Song of Sojourner Truth

Unsolicited Advice for the New IPCC Chair

Russia Uses Grain Gap Created by Putin's War to Boost Markets & Influence in Hungry Africa

Research on a Greenland Meltdown 400,000 Years Ago Has Big Implications for Climate Policy

My Columbia Chapter Ends, But Great Work Lies Ahead

Hansen: On a human-heated planet, it's time to add another red side to the CO2-loaded climate dice

Flash Floods Show Twitter is Still a Tool, Meta's Threads a Trifle

Unknown Unknowns About Russian Coup

TCB quick hit: Is climate change causing the Texas heat wave?

Putting the Awful Eastern U.S. Wildfire Smoke in Perspective

I'm With the Experts Warning that A.I.'s Potential for Huge Harms Needs Far More Attention

A Journalism Project Reveals Perils on Earth's "Outlaw Ocean"

When Science and Values Met - at the Vatican

How to Defeat the Climate Change Complexity Monster

Water Hazard - When Rewilding Bites Back

A Plastics Treaty Will Be Grand, but this Recycling Innovator in Indonesia Isn't Waiting

Organ Hunter

Why it's Not Too Late for Climate - and What to Do

EV Pioneer Elon Musk on the Enduring Need for Oil

Exploring the New Substack Tool that Ticked off Elon - Notes

Wider Preparedness Lessons from a Stunning Snowboarder Rescue

Seeking Safer Shelter as Death Counts Rise in America's Shifting Tornado Danger Zones

The Climate Crisis - Simplified

On World Poetry Day, Recalling a Search for Meaning Within Stone

Meet the Scale Monster Stalking Climate-Size Clean-Energy Plans

Recalling Mario Molina, a Nobel-Winning Defender of a Livable Atmosphere and Climate

Paths From Classrooms to Climate Impact Include Taking a Field Trip to the Boiler Room

📺 Can TikTok Save Antarctica? Can Delhi's Bird Rescuers Survive Fame? Can Climate Models Matter?

As Russia's War Crimes Mount, a Look Back at Pathways Toward, and Away from, Atrocity

Confronting Our Persistent Inability to Thwart Invisible, But Potent, Forest Invaders

Forging Resilience in Conflict and Disaster Zones

Gauging Losses and Lessons in Turkey's Unfolding Earthquake Calamity

Tracking a Flash -17° F Polar Vortex, Talking Climate Communication with Earth's Publicist

The Pandemic Was Predicted. So What?

"It Was Raining Heavy Redwood Branches"

Amid Brazilian turmoil, revisit my exploration of the legacy of Amazon forest defender Chico Mendes with radio legend Studs Terkel

California's Atmospheric River Blitz is a Mild Reminder of an Inevitable Climatic Calamity

2023 Resolutions and Predictions - Yours and Mine