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I agree that UFOs and aliens are two different subjects.

UFOs: All it takes to validate the UFO theory is that a single one of the thousands of reports be valid. There are so many reports from so many credible witnesses that I feel comfortable believing UFOs are real, even if the majority of reports are misunderstandings or scams.

ALIENS: I don't see any credible evidence that UFOs are piloted by aliens, so I would label that theory as wild speculation. I prefer a future humans theory, but there's no proof of that either.

SCIENTISTS: I'll admit to being weary of the science community lecturing us about believing things on faith, as I see them doing the same thing. Where is the proof that life is better than death? There is none. Where is the proof that humanity can successfully manage an unlimited amount of knowledge and power. There is none. Where is the proof that there is no God? There is none.

Unless one believes that every single one of the thousands of UFO reports are false, whatever UFOs are, they would seem to be one of the biggest stories in human history. The problem of course is that it's hard to have a story based on a lack of explanation.

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