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Electrifying our World by Robert Hargraves is available on Amazon. Free copies of the slides used to teach that course at Dartmouth are available for downloading at ElectrifyingOurWorld.com.

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Be a better deal if we teamed up with Canada and Mexico.

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QUESTION: Electric cars are powered by electricity generated by power plants, most of which still use fossil fuels. How much CO2 release are we avoiding by moving the burning of fossil fuels from the vehicle to the power plant?

This is a question, not a point. I assume the shift is helpful, but I've not heard much analysis of how helpful it is. Does this shift from vehicle to power plant save a LOT of CO2 emission, some, a little? I have no idea.


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If electrical products and the systems that energize them are limited in future affordability and availability by the meta-crises we are now witnessing, then a "Great Simplification" is our only pathway, whether we choose to take it or are forced to by biophysical constraints. Witness the phenomenal spike in Swedish electricity costs, which are currently 35-40x higher than this time last year (https://www.thegreatsimplification.com/frankly-original/20-keeping-warm-data).

This is borne out by inquiry in the field of biophysical economics, neatly summarised here: https://bit.ly/aedbiphec

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