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Intense article with positive, alternate ways of doing and thinking that hit me in my heart and mind. Hitting me right where I needed something, anything, to stop me tearing my hair out about the intransigence of people. After I surfaced from my battle with blood cancer, chemo and the rest, I was so happy to have survived. The next minute, so down-cast about the stubborn head-in-the-sandery of politicians, their fossil-fuel lobby groups, and the supposed Great Australian Public. I've been dithering, what can I do? What can I do? A bit clearer now. To start, I'll study this article and the links. Spread this new way of thinking in my circles. Then ... well, I've got a direction now.

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I'm not exactly sure how I found my way to this particular blogpost, but I'm glad I did.

It is powerful and inspirational for me on a couple different levels. A couple quotes spoke to me,

“One of the things you have to live with to live with climate change – is living with contradiction. Not everyone will be on the same plan, the same timetable.”


"What would be a failure is not to wake each day and try to make progress.”

I am a retired fusion research engineer and have developed a passion for climate change science and policy. I follow the likes of Zeke Hausfather, Hannah Ritchie, Jessie Jenkins, and Jessica Tierney to name a few. Even on their blogs where you think you might find like minded people there is contradiction and controversy, but inspite of that, I find their messages hopeful and consistent.

The other thing that spoke to me was my personal connection to Norway and Bergen. . All of my ancestors are from Norway and most of them emigrated from Norway to America in the 1840s and 1850s. In fact, one set of great-great grandparents sailed from Bergen in 1844.

As for contradictions, Norway is a climate change contradiction unto itself. It has derived much of its wealth from North Sea oil and gas, and yet is one of the greenest countries in terms of energy generation (almost all hydroelectric) and leader in adoption of electric vehicles. We visited there in 2019, Oslo and surrounding areas including the Vermork Hydroelectric museum and nearby Rollag, the homeland of mother's ancestors.

I think we all wish we could somehow make more of difference but yet you are so right that we need to live our lives and not get overwhelmed. Never give up. Never surrender.

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