What exactly is the "Climate Science, Awareness & Solutions" entity siting in the Earth Institute at Columbia University? (https://csas.earth.columbia.edu/giving).

Certainly not a simple research group. "...by pairing Dr. Hansen’s scientific work with an outreach effort there is a potential for communication, over and above normal press coverage accompanying new scientific publications."

A desk and bullhorn?

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Mantras that call for general and imprecise actions numb us into mindless repetition of meaningless altruisms (parse that slowly). Let’s talk about actual goals and plausible methods to hit at unambiguous root causes.

For example, destructive extreme weather events, killer extended heat domes in high latitudes (think British Columbia), and deadly deep-freeze blasts in low latitudes (think Texas) are manifestations of abnormal jetstream behavior that drives the Arctic vortex far outside Holocene typical boundaries. That accelerating phenomenon is a result of the Arctic heating up 3 to 4 times faster than the global average warming.

Humanity cannot tolerate increasing damage, disruption and death. The remedy is to take aggressive action to #CoolTheArctic to refreeze the ice cap to restore the polar albedo as a near-term temporary “triage intervention” similar to the application of CPR or a tourniquet to save a life until surgery and long term remedies ramp up.

If 1.5°C is dead, then take action that can cool the atmosphere and the oceans. Restoring the sea life (from algae and plankton and krill up to fisheries and whale populations, all of which humans have “geo transformed” and depleted by myopic, greedy, selfish over-fishing. There are maritime measures that restore life, reduce acidity and cool the oceans, which, in turn cools the atmosphere.

Deploying small scale regional test projects that can be controlled or terminated will give us data and experience that will most likely be needed soon enough when our progeny are faced with a truly disastrous emergency..

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These fools would starve half of the world’s population to cool the earth 1 degree

It’s nice to live in cushy US or Western Europe and preach but try living in SubSahara Africa without electricity

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How can it not be a #climateEmergency Andy

Interglacial is ~100ppm∆ in 20k yrs !

were now at 140ppm∆ in 150yrs 👀

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Person in an adaptation field here.. everything people do now say with forests or farms is considered to be “climate adaptation” now. therefore how would we calculate how much everyone is spending, say water engineers road builders and everything about forests and farmlands. Therefore how can we know we’re not spending enough? Global aggregations of silly numerical assumptions don’t do a lot for me. That’s why it’s hard to get excited about these claims.

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Is calling CC an emergency like yelling the sky is falling? Actually what’s the difference? Neither is true.

CO2 is not our enemy. Try living and thriving without it.

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